Terms and Conditions

  1. Nanosurvey, Inc. (the Company) places material for publication on behalf of the Client (you) subject to these Terms and Conditions of Advertising (Terms). These Terms apply to all advertising on BVI Now, our mobile App, or on publications or websites of our partner company, a Looking Glass (aLG), unless we have agreed other terms in writing with you. 
  2. The Term of this Contract is 12 months and will be automatically renewed after the completion of the Term unless written notice is submitted at least 30 days before this agreement terminates. 
  3. In accepting any material including electronic material or data for publication, and in publishing it, the Company is doing so in consideration of and relying on Client’s express warranty, the truth of which is essential that: 
  1. The material does not contain anything:
    1. That is misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive;
    2. That is defamatory or indecent or which otherwise offends against generally accepted community standards;
    3. That infringes a copyright or trademark or otherwise infringes any intellectual or industrial property rights;
    4. That breaches any right of privacy or confidentiality;
    5. That breaches any provision of any statute, regulation, by- law or other rule or law; and 
  2. The material complies in every way with every code or industry standing relating to advertising in the British Virgin Islands; 
  3. Publication of the material will not give rise to any liability on our part or in a claim being made against us in the British Virgin Islands or elsewhere; and the material does not include any cookie, tracking tag or other tracking device unless we have provided our prior written consent to such inclusion. For the avoidance of doubt Client must not disclose any User Information to any third party and must not use any User Information in connection with any advertising campaigns on any third party properties or websites.
  1. The Company reserves the right within its discretion to reject or remove from the BVI Now App, or any related aLG websites, any advertisements for which the Advertising Materials, software code associated with the Advertising Materials (e.g. pixels, tags, JavaScript), or the Website to which the Advertisement is linked do not comply with its Policies, or that in the Company’s sole reasonable judgment, do not comply with any applicable law, regulation, or other judicial or administrative order. In addition, the Company reserves the right within its discretion to reject or remove from its Site any Ads for which the Advertising Materials or the Website to which the Ad is linked are, or may tend to bring, disparagement, ridicule, or scorn upon the Company or any of its affiliates, provided that if the Company has reviewed and approved such advertisements prior to their use on the BVI Now App or related websites, the Company will not immediately remove such advertisements before making commercially reasonable efforts to acquire mutually acceptable alternative advertising materials from Client. 
  2. Client agrees to indemnify the Company against any losses, liabilities, costs, claims or expenses whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from any breach of the warranties set out above and from any costs incurred in our making corrections or amendments in accordance with the terms that follow. 
  3. The Company must receive all creative materials and information from Client in accordance with the timeframes specified, or provided in the Media Kit. 
  4. The Company may publish the material at a time different from originally booked or, where applicable, in the next available App update, if there is an error or delay in publication of the advertising, as booked. 
  5. All creative submissions are subject to reasonable approval by the Company. The Company may require that material is corrected or amended to conform to style, or for other genuine reasons. The Company may refuse to publish, or withdraw material from publication without having to give reason. 
  6. The positioning or placing of any material in the BVI Now App or a related Website, is at the Company’s discretion, except where the position is specifically agreed in writing. 
  7. Client must tell Company as soon as possible if there is an error or omission in any material placed by Company on Client’s behalf. 
  8. The Company will, within two (2) business days of the campaign start date or “go live” date, provide confirmation to Client, either electronically or in writing, stating whether the components of the Contract have begun delivery. 
  9. The charge for advertising will be in United States dollars and in accordance with the applicable rate card applying at the time for the publication, unless we agree otherwise in writing.  Rate card adjustments will be published on our Website(s). Payment is required at the time the order is placed. Monthly charges shall be paid by debit or credit card and charges shall be billed each month to the card that is on file.  Any adjustments, such as being unable to deliver the defined audience for a Real-Time Hyperlocal Notification (RTHN), for example, will be credited to the Client on the following month’s invoice. 
  10. The Company may suspend or terminate App or online content at any time in the event an invoice is past due more than 30 days. 
  11. The Company will not be liable for any loss including any loss of revenue or profit and any indirect or consequential loss arising from or in relation to any error or omission in publishing or failure to publish and if we are found to have any liability for any circumstance that liability is limited to the cost of the advertisement. 
  12. All content that represents the creative effort of the Company and/or the utilisation of creativity, illustrations, labor, composition, or material furnished by it, is and remains the property of the Company, including the rights of copyright therein. The Client understands and agrees that it cannot authorise photographic or other reproductions, in whole or part, of any such advertising for use in any other medium without express written consent of the Company or organised agreement with the Company. The Client agrees to pay any production charges incurred as a result of this contract, if any. These production charges will be billed by the Company to the Client based upon the production rates as reflected in the Company’s standard rate card. 
  13. By placing an advertisement for publication Client grants Company a perpetual, royalty fee license to reproduce the advertisement in any print or electronic media we offer customers now or in the future. 
  14. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its agents, associates, and representatives for any liability resulting from materials submitted by the Client that are unauthorised or unlicensed. 
  15. If applicable, Client may change in-App photographs only at scheduled App updates. 
  16. The Company is not liable for any delays in publishing the content due to network slowdown, or any condition beyond the control of the Company affecting production or delivery in any manner. 
  17. The Company’s sole obligation as to any failure, default, or error on its part shall be limited at maximum to a refund of charges which may have been paid to publisher. 
  18. Artwork produced by the Company or aLG will be invoiced separately, at the rate specified in our Media Kit. An additional rush surcharge may be billed per hour if artwork is commissioned after deadline. 
  19. The Company may, at its sole discretion, vary these Terms and Conditions at any time provided that such amended terms will not affect prior agreed advertising orders. 
  20. If advertising materials are not received by the Contract start date, the Company will begin to charge the Client on the Contract start date, based on the full Contract.  If advertising materials are late based on the policies, the Company is not required to guarantee full delivery of the Contract. The Company will negotiate a resolution with Client if the Company has received all required advertising materials but fails to commence a campaign at the next App update. 
  21. Force Majeure. Excluding payment obligations, neither Client nor the Agent will be liable for delay or default in the performance of its respective obligations under these Terms if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, fire, flood, accident, earthquakes, telecommunications line failures, electrical outages, network failures, acts of God, or labor disputes (“Force Majeure event”). If the Company suffers such a delay or default, the Company will make reasonable efforts within five (5) business days to recommend a substitute transmission for the Ad or time period for the transmission. If no such substitute time period or make-good is reasonably acceptable to Client. The Company will allow Client a pro rata reduction in the space, time, and/or program charges hereunder in the amount of money assigned to the space, time, and/or program charges at time of purchase. In addition, Client will have the benefit of the same discounts that would have been earned had there been no default or delay. 
  22. If Client’s ability to make payments has been materially negatively impacted by an event beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, failure of banking clearing systems or a state of emergency, then Client will make every reasonable effort to make payments on a timely basis to the Company, but any delays caused by such condition will be excused for the duration of such condition. Subject to the foregoing, such excuse for delay will not in any way relieve Client from any of its obligations as to the amount of money that would have been due and paid without such condition. 
  23. If a Force Majeure event has continued for twenty (20) business days, the Company and/or Client has the right to cancel the remainder of the Contract without penalty. 
  24. Non-disclosure, data usage and ownership and Privacy Laws: “Confidential Information” will include (i) all information marked as “Confidential,” “Proprietary,” or similar legend by the disclosing party (“Discloser”) when given to the receiving party (“Recipient”); and (ii) information and data provided by the Discloser, which under the circumstances surrounding the disclosure should be reasonably deemed confidential or proprietary. Without limiting the foregoing, Discloser and Recipient agree that each Discloser’s contribution to any Contract Details shall be considered such Discloser’s Confidential Information. Recipient will protect Confidential Information in the same manner that it protects its own information of a similar nature, but in no event with less than reasonable care. Recipient shall not disclose Confidential Information to anyone except an employee, agent, Affiliate, or third party who has a need to know same, and who is bound by confidentiality and non-use obligations at least as protective of Confidential Information as are those in this section. Recipient will not use Discloser’s Confidential Information other than as provided for on the Contract. 
  25. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the term “Confidential Information” will not include information which: (i) was previously known to Recipient; (ii) was or becomes generally available to the public through no fault of Recipient; (iii) was rightfully in Recipient’s possession free of any obligation of confidentiality at, or prior to, the time it was communicated to Recipient by Discloser; (iv) was developed by employees or agents of Recipient independently of, and without reference to, Confidential Information; or (v) was communicated by Discloser to an unaffiliated third party free of any obligation of confidentiality. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Recipient may disclose Confidential Information of the Discloser in response to a valid order by a court or other governmental body, as otherwise required by law or the rules of any applicable securities exchange, or as necessary to establish the rights of either party under these Terms; provided, however, that both Discloser and Recipient will stipulate to any orders necessary to protect such information from public disclosure. 
  26. Unless otherwise authorised by the Company, Client will not: (A) use Collected Data for Repurposing; provided, however, that Performance Data may be used for Repurposing so long as it is not joined with any Contract Details or App or Site Data; (B) disclose Contract details of the Company or App or site to any affiliate or third party. 
  27. All Client volunteered data is considered Client’s property, is subject to Client’s posted privacy policy, and is considered Client’s confidential information. Any other use of such information will be set forth in a written Addendum to this Contract and signed by both parties. 
  28. The Company will post its privacy policy on its App and or its Website and adhere to it, which will abide by applicable laws. Failure by the Company to continue to post a privacy policy, or non-adherence to such privacy policy, is grounds for immediate cancellation of the Contract by the other party. 
  29. Client and the Company will at all times comply with all federal, territory, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, and codes which are applicable to their performance of their respective obligations under the Contract. 
  30. Client will remain liable to the Company for amounts due for any custom content or development (“Custom Material”) provided to Client or completed by the Company or its third-party vendor prior to the effective date of termination. 
  31. For contracts that contemplate the provision or creation of Custom Material, the Company, or aLG, will specify the amounts due for such Custom Material as a separate line item. Client will pay for such Custom Material within 30 days from receiving an invoice. 

 All other printed agreements and conditions that supplement this online contract are hereby made a part of the contract. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Client acknowledges that it understands and agrees to the terms of this Contract.